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We have released an update several days ago, do you have the latest version?
When you say it force closes lately, do you mean it worked at first and then started doing it? What is the message you are getting?
You are welcome.
Send me a private message with your user name and I'll look at your stats and let you know what's going on.
The X axis represents the game sequence. So, game 1, game 2, game 3, and so on.
no, such a list does not exist
You can reset your password by visiting, clicking the "Sign in" link, then click the "Forgot Password" link.
Here it is:
What does it say exactly when you view the app in the Play store? Does it say "Installed"? Are you sure you deleted the app and not just removed a shortcut to it from your home screen?
Hello. Under the "Menu" there is an option to "Reset", which will have you choose what exactly to reset (options are, digits, pencil, or both, I believe).

The "Reset" may be hiding behind "More".
Clearly, the puzzle wasn't copied over correctly.

@ mikeslattery - any updates?

Thank you.
Send it to, please.
Hello. A screenshot may help us understand better. Thanks.
So, here is what came back from the developers:

First of all, are you sure the puzzle was copied correctly? It is highly unusual (if not impossible) for us to have an easy puzzle where one number does not appear at all (in this case there seems to be not a single instance of 3).

Second, even for a given puzzle, the solution is clearly incorrect. We'd like to be able to follow the logical steps taken, in order to pinpoint the cell where the first mistake was made, however, with the information we have, we can only show the correct solution:

By the way, here is the result of running Menu->Validate on the work in progress from the message:

So, it seems that the puzzle is valid, but your solution has mistakes.


Hello. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Meanwhile, if you disable the "Force GPU rendering" in "Developer Options" under device "Settings", this will fix the issue for now.
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