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It's the last 200 games or so.
Enable system-wide back/restore on both phones (Phone settings---Backup and restore). Run the app on the old phone. Then install the app onto the new one. This should work. Please let us know if it does.
Just to follow up, do you understand the logic now?
In a future release, perhaps. But don't hold me to it
Your online stats are tied to the username / password combo you set in the app, and as long as these are the same between the two app versions, you'll keep your online stats.

As to keeping the settings and scores between the apps: while this is a good idea in theory, it is not an easy task to implement in practice.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this, but unfortunately, we don't have a solution to this problem yet.
What about the other menu options? Are you able to use the Undo/Redo/Hint/Validate/Auto-fill menu selections?
Thank you. Appreciate your support.
The only way to erase the local scores is to hit "Reset Scores" under Settings. That results in a confirmation prompt. Are you saying you didn't see the prompt?
If the options under "Menu" don't work try rotating the device. We've found that on some devices menu options only work in one orientation or the other (but not both, for some reason).

Re: Resetting scores - what exactly are you talking about here? Is it resetting the history records? If so, this does not delete online records. Only your local scores are cleared. The only way for you to "lose" your online scores would be to use a different user name, thus creating a new account, but even then the old one is still there.
Look at the two cells that contain nothing but 4 and 6 in the center block (one cell above the 7 in the center and the other one below it). There you have two cells with the same set of two numbers (4 and 6) that belong in them. We don't know which cell will have which number, but we do know that between the two of them both 4 and 6 will be "spoken for" and so neither 4 nor 6 can be anywhere else in the same block.

That's why none of the cells you've marked with red pencil marks can contain 4 or 6. (This also means you can safely remove a 6 as an option for the center cell in the very last row, thus giving you another couple of cells to solve easily)

By the way, same would be true for 3 cells in the same block containing the same set of 3 numbers and so on.

Hope this helps.
We've just published an update (version 9.2.1) that should fix the problem you have experienced. Please let me know if everything is back to normal or if you are still experiencing issues.
Found it.

The developers are telling me they are planning a release later today or tomorrow that should address the issue you are having.

I'll let you know when it's out.
No, I just need that ID to find your force closing report.
Paid version doesn't have ads in it, so if this issue is caused by one of the ad libraries, it shouldn't happen there. You may want to give it a try and return it if the issue appears there as well.

As to what's causing this, I can't really tell without some additional information from you. If you'd like to help us debug this issue, I'd need your device id to start. (If you are unsure what it is, you can use this app to see it -, I need the field named Android ID).
When you go to Google Play, if a later version is available, it will show an option to "Update", if not, then you have the latest version.
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