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The programmer should prevent cheating. In this gane it is possible to solve the gane with two devices with the same account. With the first device you can try to solve it until the last digit, but without finishing it, that means it stays 'unsolved'. By this way you have endless time.
With the second device you can start the competition again and enter the solution completely between 20 seconds.

The question is: Why didn't they show the first seconds or the beginning of the Sudoku?

The answer is easy: If you select "solve" - back - resume you can see the solved Sudoku
and you can start the same Sudoku again.

It looks like an unsolved game, but in the result row appers the easy "*" for using the helper.

It's the same with magic illusion tricks: You will see what you want to see.

Zster wrote:
Ikeray wrote:yeah, clearly there are 'cheaters' on easy; you're not filling in a puzzle in 0:30 unless you already have a solution.

I don't know how that girl did that puzzle so fast but it didn't seem to me she cheated. I guess some people see it better than I.

1.They didn't show the complete Video.

2. She solved it by using the helper. You can see it in the Video at 0:32/0:39. The result shows "easy * " The star indicates the helper.

3. She solved the easy version by cheating. She has impressed the father not me.

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