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Why are there so many accusations of cheating?
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Joined: 26 Apr 2015
Messages: 1

I have been playing for around 3 years now, but only started uploading my scores in the last year or so. I got really excited to see I was in the top 100 today for the first time ever, so I came to the forums today for the first time too. I was really disappointed when I saw all the accusations of cheating. My easy top scores are :51-1:01. I rarely ever play on medium so those scores are 1:24-15:00. I didn't even know there was a way to cheat. Why do so many people seem to think the top scores are full of cheaters?

Joined: 29 Apr 2015
Messages: 5

Because if someone (well, multiple someones if you regularly check the boards) can supposedly complete the extreme level in under a minute and a half (regularly) something is off. I screenshotted and paused an "extreme" level game (one where there was a high percentage of squares pre-filled) and ran through an online solver on the desktop so I had the solution right in front of me.

Now with the solution right in front of me I could barely fill out all the vacant squares fast enough to break the one and half minute mark (1:29) and yet there were about eight scores below the two minute mark (fastest was 1:06). Now given there are several players consistently/repeatedly scoring extremely low times that are defying what most could even blindly type in (ie, not even allowing any time for mental calculations)... we all have those greased lightening moments but almost daily?? The likelihood that a bunch of savants are consistently pegging the boards is statistically so low as to be damned near impossible.

Joined: 23 Aug 2015
Messages: 1

If they happy and self content then let it be.
As long as you are well happy with your achieved score then forget whom they before you that cheated you of it.

Joined: 29 Aug 2015
Messages: 1

I agree with ElricE. my fastest easy with in game higligting and croschair was 58, and it was a good hand. So when i see someone do it in 21- 40 seconds is obvious that they cheating. it`s imposible for normal human being to do it so fast!

Joined: 30 Aug 2015
Messages: 8

Cuz haters hate, thats why.

Joined: 6 Sep 2015
Messages: 3

Cause "Nobody can do it faster than ME!" Seriously, the only way to resolve the issue would be to disqualify all paused games.

Joined: 12 Sep 2015
Messages: 4

Zing wrote:Cause "Nobody can do it faster than ME!" Seriously, the only way to resolve the issue would be to disqualify all paused games.

Another solution would be simply not to have any pausing of the clock. Once a puzzle is displayed, the clock is running... period. Some persons might still cheat by using tools to solve the puzzles, but at least it would reduce the absurdly fast times. I've never tried it, but I feel pretty confident that even if I had a solved puzzle in front of me, i couldn't even enter the numbers into the boxes fast enough on my phone's app to finish one in less than 30 seconds. Congrats to those who can, but... what's the point? Maybe it's only me, but I solve Sudoku puzzles for the fun and challenge. I suppose that might be the reason others do what they do; the fun and challenge of posting the shortest times possible by any means they can contrive. It can't be about solving the puzzle.

Anyway, I think a non-pausing clock would be a remedy.

Joined: 14 Oct 2012
Messages: 3

It is cheating plain and simple. Jester3397 has a time of 53 seconds on both extreme and competition extreme.How is that possible?

Joined: 25 Oct 2015
Messages: 1

Because, you cannot complete puzzles in that time without cheating, period. If you are on here with a 22 second extreme, or some other impossible time and you're not, feel free to post a YouTube of you solving it. Until then, cry because everyone is on to you.
(Forum Admin)

Joined: 12 Jul 2010
Messages: 263

Copy / pasting here from another thread:

Now, I know this isn't an extreme puzzle being solved, but just to show that it is "physically possible" to be that quick.

Joined: 7 Oct 2015
Messages: 3

It is definitely possible to get to get extremely fast times without cheating using the right technique, a bit of luck and just a whole lot of training. I have always been using just my right thumb, which is certainly slower than using two fingers. Some days ago I recorded a quick clip of a 35 second solution in easy, the quality is crappy though: . Language is german for anyone wondering. While it is probably pretty hard to cheat in the easy gamemode just because you don't really have time to pause and fill, I can see this possibly happening in the other gamemodes.

Easy: 0:26
Medium: 0:43
Hard: 0:59
Extreme: 1:13

Joined: 21 Nov 2010
Messages: 11

I consistently submit scores that many of you would think I cheated to get, but I solve the puzzles in the only way sudoku puzzles should be solved. I tried the whole screenshot, solve, fill in, blah blah, and guess what? That puzzle didn't even make my top 10 in extreme. I'm not saying people don't cheat because I have no idea, but I am saying that the puzzles can be solved faster than you can type in a solution from a pre-solved reference.

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Joined: 12 Sep 2015
Messages: 4

I choose simply to change my thinking. In my opinion, there is no "cheating." Now, it may be true we are not all playing the same game in that I am measuring my time solving the puzzle in the UI using my brain and manual dexterity. Others may choose to play differently. If their goal is to post the fastest time they can using any means possible, then that could be a different game altogether. I don't know what methods could be used, but I suppose pausing the game and solving it using other methods could be used. Perhaps there are other methods of entering the solution that are very fast. There might even be folks who have the skills to (probably illegally) hack the server and upload anything they want without even solving a puzzle at all. Whatever. Some folks might be playing the game of "do whatever I can to get a really short time" which is not the game I play. *shrug* It's all good.

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Joined: 26 Dec 2013
Messages: 3

The programmer should prevent cheating. In this gane it is possible to solve the gane with two devices with the same account. With the first device you can try to solve it until the last digit, but without finishing it, that means it stays 'unsolved'. By this way you have endless time.
With the second device you can start the competition again and enter the solution completely between 20 seconds.

Joined: 3 Aug 2016
Messages: 2

myself wrote:It is cheating plain and simple. Jester3397 has a time of 53 seconds on both extreme and competition extreme.How is that possible?
Tryue... Punching Numbers manually with MIND SHUT DOWN will also need more than 1 minute...
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