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Seriously? Lampshade sees a similarity between throwing a baseball and completing a Sudoku puzzle? Sorry, but there is a difference between a young boys strength and an adult man's strength. It has nothing to do with cheating. This puzzle, however allows cheating and I am sure it takes place.
I am sure cheating happens because it is impossible for me to believe that anyone is THAT much smarter than I am. I mean, seriously? 56 seconds for an extreme puzzle?? And even if you exclude that result as just a total fluke, then consider the next fastest at 1:41.

But aside from my bruised ego is this.
1. The fastest times for the four levels (excluding that :56 for the extreme puzzle posted by artech) follow, very nearly a linear path of ever slower times. But it is not my experience that four levels of puzzles follow a linear path of difficulty. Yes, I admit, my sense of difficulty is purely subjective. But if my sense is correct and the four levels of difficulty are exponentially more difficult, then it seems that the very fastest results should also follow an exponential curve, not the straight line. So why, you may ask, do the fastest results follow a linear path? It's because they have a linear path of blank squares. That is to say, the EASY puzzles have fewer squares to fill in than the MEDIUM puzzles, the MEDIUM fewer than the HARD, etc. And the number of blanks in the four levels of puzzle difficulty follow a linear path.

2. Why do none of the uber fast times in any of the levels not show up in the other levels. Surely, if artech's :56 time for an EXTREME level puzzle was authentic and true, then we should see that name somewhere on the list for the other level. I mean, seriously, artech is only intelligent on the EXTREME puzzles? And when artech turns to the EASY puzzle he turns into a moron?

These observations are by no means proof. But they do assuage my bruised ego, and I am standing by them.

But to all you cheaters out there, carry on if you wish. I know you're not really all that much smarter than I am.


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