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What's yout time for Extreme Category?
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Joined: 3 Aug 2015
Messages: 1

Just got below 3.00 for the first time - 2:56, and feeling very proud. My #10 is 3:20 and I regularly score around the 3-4 minute mark. Not sure if I can get any faster.

Joined: 20 Sep 2015
Messages: 2

Some of the Extremes are easier than Hard. I have a suspicion that the more i play Hard the tougher its getting. I had 10 under 10 minutes then under 9, 8, 7. But after playing 100 odd games i still cannot better my earliest timings of 6 minutes. Couldn't be getting worse, the more i play?


Joined: 22 Sep 2015
Messages: 2
Location: Columbia County, Pennsylvania

I actually solved an extreme in 2:47, but it really doesn't count. I had to use the validate function to keep making sure I was not putting in inaccurate stuff (I did not want to waste any time). But that is all I did- I did not use hints or anything else- just validate- I think that my time was pretty good, considering I stopped to check my work three times. I have found that generally speaking, if you do not use either the fill-in function or validate, and you are not some kind of Sudoku genius, it is the only way you are going to solve these really hard puzzles.

Lord, Remind me to live One Day At a Time! (ODAT!!!)

Joined: 18 Jun 2013
Messages: 2

Just did 4:55. Chuffed. Got 5:02 a few months ago after typically getting closer to 6 minutes for a long time. That made me realise a sub-5 minute time was a possibility.

Not sure of any rules that everyone follows for a score to be considered "legitimate", but for my 4:55, I played straight through without pausing. I always have the thing turned on that tells you you've made an error, and if I do enter a wrong number, I abort that game. For myself, I only regard my games where I play clean through with no errors as legitimate. I do allow games that I've paused (phone call, doorbell, etc), but I'd only be cheating myself if I cheated - not really interested in any competitions or scoreboards.

I find the extreme times of around or below 4 minutes difficult to believe, but TBH a year ago, I'd have considered a sub 5 minute time unlikely for myself, so I'll keep an open mind.

Happy new year y'all.

Joined: 2 Jan 2016
Messages: 1

Just got 4:17 on challenge x66

Joined: 9 Jan 2016
Messages: 2

i got 02:19 as best. My scores are mostly between 02:20 and 02:40

Joined: 16 Jan 2016
Messages: 1

Best time is 3:28 I don't use auto-fill and validate or any help. It really depends on the puzzle you get. My average time is about 5mins.

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Joined: 17 Jan 2016
Messages: 1

Wow! I hope to be able to complete an extreme in under 10mins one of these days. However my best time was 14:49. I am usually between 16-25 mins.

I am going to work towards an 8-10 minutes completion goal.

Joined: 12 Sep 2015
Messages: 4

I just scored a 4:57 on an extreme puzzle, my personal best. I usually consider getting below 10 minutes as pretty good for me. It really does depend on the puzzle you get, though. In reference to previous posts mentioning 50/50 guessing... um... what?! Don't do that! You can always use logic to get the result.

Edit: My personal best is now 4:07 for Extreme.

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Joined: 18 Mar 2016
Messages: 1

04:12 best time, 6min average.

Joined: 7 Apr 2016
Messages: 10

Easy - 1:10
Medium- 2.09
Hard- 3.01
Extreme- 3.13

All are solved without helper or cheats or guessing..
(I've disabled the helper tho, i hate it when it say the puzzle is solve using helper)

I know some people just screenshot the puzzle and solved it elsewhere then just fill the puzzle with the answer.

I like to test my limit thats why i wont cheat

My average time for extreme is about 3.30

After solving lots of extreme puzzle ive discovered a way to solved it in 3 min..judging from my time, i think 2 min is possible with lots of luck...

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Joined: 7 Apr 2016
Messages: 10

I just solve the extreme puzzle below 3min for the first time!!

my new top times is:

easy: 1:06
medium: 1:50
hard: 3:01
extreme: 2:53

guess i need to improve my "hard" time

again, i solve all of these puzzle without cheating, guessing, helper, validate etc
all you need is fast thinking, fast finger and luck

like i say, ive discovered a way to solve these puzzle fast
with lots of practice you too can solve the extreme puzzle within 3min

Joined: 10 Jun 2013
Messages: 1

My best for the extreme puzzle is 2:04. No I'm not a rocket scientist. I'm an IT student with a sudoku addiction.

Joined: 7 Apr 2016
Messages: 10

Just solve the extreme puzzle in 2:46 yesterday
And being listed on the top 100 for the first time without cheating, helper, guessing or etc

Feeling great

Joined: 9 May 2016
Messages: 2

3:50, set today, using full candidate lists (auto-updating), no pausing. Looks like I'd have to take 62 seconds off that to make the leaderboard though. If you could do it without using candidate lists, the times under 2 minutes might be possible without cheating; however, that would be difficult.

Several years ago I did have a flip phone with a sudoku game on it, and I could beat its hard setting in about the same amount of time as this, without candidate lists (it didn't have the capability), even though the input method was more analog, you had to scroll to each square.

If you're having trouble getting under 10 min, make sure you choose digit first so you can do candidate lists faster, and just go by number, starting with the numbers you already have the most of. The key is to use as few screentaps and to input them as fast as possible. I discovered that my time went down by more than 15 seconds on average when I stopped using a case on my phone so I could reach things a little more easily.
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