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I would never assume anyone is cheating unless they get sub-20 seconds.
I am a casual player been playing maybe 5 years on and off, my best times are
Easy 00:41
Medium 00:57
Hard 00:59
Extreme 1:16

If I try, I can make the top 50 displayed times on every level every day, I've never seen a time there that made me think someone is cheating.
I primarily play extreme and (almost) always get under 3:00 and honestly if you played using the same logic I do I don't see how you could take more than 5:00. Maybe some of you just don't know the best strategy to play?

Protip: filling in all pencil marks and then solving is not the fastest or the best
ingridtjong wrote:I think its impossible. I played sudoku for years and reach the point where i cant do any better than now.

Still my best is 2:06.

1.30 might br possible? I think? But faster than that, i think he probably cheats.

My best time for extreme is 1:16, I can be guaranteed to get under 1:30 if I just play a few puzzles and end up with an easier one, and I always complete under ~3 min. Not cheating for sure, maybe you just haven't found the best strategy for playing. If you have a good strategy and play a lot you will be bound to end up with easier puzzles and get pretty good win times. I'm sure I can get under 1:00 if I play long enough

Maybe look up some game strategy before accusing better players of cheating
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