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Here is a video of my solution from a year back when I was still using just one finger:
Alright here we go. I am just going to talk about the easy category, I don't play the other ones too often and it feels like getting very good times there is a bit more luck dependant than in easy.
My best time to date on easy is 33 seconds, so I'm not as fast as some people are, but I'm getting there.

The tips:
- Always use digit first, I also started with cell first, but since using digit first my time has more than halved. Cell first almost doubles your needed taps solve a puzzle.
- If you need the solving aids, noone is going to stop you. I have them disabled, doing that probably trains your finger accuracy a bit better and with them enabled it feels a bit like cheating to me.
- On easy you should probably just go through each number from 1 to 9 and use the scanning technique. Most people with fast times seem to be doing it that way, myself included.
- If it is possible for you should be using two fingers at the same time. I have always been using just one finger aswell and tried two just recently, but it seems like with a bit of training you should be a tad faster.
- Experience plays a big part! I have been playing this game for a long time and pretty much teached myself most techniques, but if you you want to quickly learn them you can just search the internet, there are whole youtube channels dedicated to sudoku solving strategies.
- Don't use too complicated techniques though, if one number takes too much time and you can't find new spots, just go to the next number. A lot of people just get hung up with one number what costs them a lot of time.

These are my recommendations, I just want to remind you that you don't have to follow any of these. I am not one the absolute fastest players, so take my advice with a grain of salt, as I may be doing something wrong aswell.
I hope I could help.
It is definitely possible to get to get extremely fast times without cheating using the right technique, a bit of luck and just a whole lot of training. I have always been using just my right thumb, which is certainly slower than using two fingers. Some days ago I recorded a quick clip of a 35 second solution in easy, the quality is crappy though: . Language is german for anyone wondering. While it is probably pretty hard to cheat in the easy gamemode just because you don't really have time to pause and fill, I can see this possibly happening in the other gamemodes.
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