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I have already ads set to full screen.and I never see any ads displayed, so it is not the reason of the problem.
After last update (about 3 week ago) it takes planty of time to insert number in cell. Sometimes it can take even 2-3 seconds after click until number appears in cell. Even when I turn off all other applications on my phone. I have quite old phone (LG Swift L3), but before last update I didn't experience such problems.

I hope it can be solved. Thanks.
Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to see time under 21 seconds on easy in top times? I've never noticed time under 21 seconds in top times, althought there were guys who almost every day got 21 seconds times. Today I finaly myself got 20 seconds time, I uploaded it and get information that upload was succesfully but my time didn't appear in top times for easy level. I tried to upload it for second time using Upload button in History but it didn't help. So I'm interested if there is some kind of blockade or I had simply bad luck ?
Hi, in the first row in 4 first cells you have only four digits 4,5,6,7. It means that there cannot be such digits in the same row in the rest cells. So in 5th cell there are only 8 and 9 now, in 7th only 3,9, in last cell 3,8. If in 7th cell is only 3,9 and the same column in 4th row there is 3,9 too, so in 5th column there cannot be 3,9 and is only 2. In the last column should be then 6. I hope it helps you.
It is for sure working, but not for competition's results. In my opinion it shouldn't be possible at all to send more than one solution for competition by one player. It means that someone is trying many times to solve competition puzzle and it's not quite fair because with every effort he/she can improve the solution time.
In 6 column and 4 row there is 6, just below there is 2. It would be the first steps I would make. If you would like to check if puzzle is valid there is plenty of web applications in internet to check it, simply type solve sudoku in google and you will find some. I checked this one on and everything looks ok.
As I meant in my last sentence it is the winner of last week competition: jester3397:
1 jester3397 00:00:57
48 jester3397 00:01:41
Hi, here are my propositions:

1. Send competition puzzle to user only one time and only when user is logged in. It whould make more difficult playing competition puzzle many times to improve score. Now it is possible to play competition puzzle many times simply clearing app data after every game. Sending puzzle only one time to logged in user would make cheating in this way more difficult (user who would like to cheat would have to have many accounts and every to time log in on different one).

or if it is too much work then at least:

2. Block sending many times competition score by one user. There is at least one user for current competition with two results sent.

3. I belive it has been already said, but you can really disable pausing for competition puzzles.

Currently when I see that competition winner has two scores sent I don't feel any motivation to give my best sovling competition puzzle. Maybe there are other ways to cheat but it would be nice if such evident cheat wouldn't be possible.
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