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How to improve in hard/extreme?
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Joined: 11 Jan 2016
Messages: 1

Is there any good tactic for the hard/extreme sudokus without using the pencil function everywhere?

I have been playing sudokus for about a month now and I have been constantly improving, but I feel like I am hitting a wall now.

My best time for hard is 3:34, but when I accidently started an easy game, thinking it was a hard one, I got the time 3:25.

I know that times under 3 minutes are possible and achievable, but the time I needed to solve an easy puzzle with my current tactic for hard puzzles made me realizee that it might take too long to always add pencil marks for every number.


edit: I am using Digit first already, aswell as auto erase pencil

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Joined: 30 Aug 2015
Messages: 8

It's hard to say without knowing what you do now. I cycle through 1-9 at least twice with no pencil marks, then depending on how hard the rest of the puzzle looks, decide whether to mark it up or not. You often don't even have to make marks, then you're pretty much guaranteed a sub 3-minute puzzle.

You've only been playing a month and already your times are pretty good. Give it a few years?

Joined: 7 Apr 2016
Messages: 10

use digit first

mark all the possible number as fast as you can (try to mark all the number before it reach 2min) then, solve it as fast as you can

with lots of practice and luck, you will be able to solve it within 2-3min

my best time for extreme is 2.53 using this

my friend who usually solve extreme puzzle around 7-10min suddenly able to solve it around 3min after i taught him this technique.

i think its possible to solve it within 2:30-2:40, depend on your luck and reaction speed

i solve it without cheating, guessing, helper, validate etc

it can be done, goodluck

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Number Demon

Joined: 7 Aug 2010
Messages: 1

Play it a lot, puzzles are finite. You'll learn to memorize some of them. Change up your strategy for solving.

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Joined: 22 Aug 2016
Messages: 1

Look at each cell and figure out what it can't be instead of trying to figure out what it can be,
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