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Why are there so many accusations of cheating?
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Joined: 14 Oct 2012
Messages: 2

easy 4 seconds
medium 5 seconds
hard 0 seconds
yeah no cheating here.

Joined: 8 Sep 2018
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Because the world record for an EASY sudoku is 1:38, and people here are solving them in 17 seconds, it???s clearly cheating.

Joined: 1 Aug 2019
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ElricE wrote:Because if someone (well, multiple someones if you regularly check the boards) can supposedly complete the extreme level in under a minute and a half (regularly) something is off. I screenshotted and paused an "extreme" level game (one where there was a high percentage of squares pre-filled) and ran through an online solver on the desktop so I had the solution right in front of me.

Now with the solution right in front of me I could barely fill out all the vacant squares fast enough to break the one and half minute mark (1:29) and yet there were about eight scores below the two minute mark (fastest was 1:06). Now given there are several players consistently/repeatedly scoring extremely low times that are defying what most could even blindly type in (ie, not even allowing any time for mental calculations)... we all have those greased lightening moments but almost daily?? The likelihood that a bunch of savants are consistently pegging the boards is statistically so low as to be damned near impossible.

well, I don't cheat, and I can finish Extreme somewhere around 1:30-40 pretty much at least once a day.. best times under 1:20..
I can't imagine to do it in 0:30 as some times are..
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