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What Are Your "Valid" High Scores for the Easy Category
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Joined: 17 Nov 2017
Messages: 3

jeffdill2 wrote:If a time is down into the 10 - 25 second range, then yeah, I would certainly call foul on that because it would take that long to input the answers if you were staring at the answer sheet and simply inputting the numbers as quickly as possible.

But having done an Easy in 54 seconds, it's certainly not unfathomable for me to imagine someone going low 40s.

Solving the puzzle from a screenshot and then copying the answers to the app would take longer for me than playing normally. I recorded some attempts on easy last year for a now-deleted topic on these forums. The whole clip is just one recording, all consecutive attempts. The small circles appearing are from the recording app showing where I'm pressing on the touch screen. Now over a year later I still haven't managed to break the 00:25 barrier or to repeat it despite solving A LOT of easy puzzles, though I've improved the others with my 10th best time being 00:27.

Have a bonus clip for 1:16 extreme solve as well, recorded the same day as the clip above.

A good 5-6 years ago my top10 times for easy were all in the 40-60 second range, and over a minute before that. It's just a matter of repetition. Slowly getting faster and faster until you reach a point where your fingers just won't move fast enough. Personally, the 25-second attempt might be the fastest I can go, but that doesn't mean someone else couldn't go even faster.

Joined: 6 Jan 2019
Messages: 1


Here are my best times.

Easy is 1 min 25 sec
Medium 2 min 36 sec
Hard 3 min 29 sec
Extreme 3 min 43 sec

Joined: 2 Sep 2018
Messages: 1

Consistently get below 1:40. All top 10 below 1:20. Best so far 1:12
Just got my best medium (which is why I got here) 1:31
IMO quickest possible must be above 20secs as thats how long it takes to fill the grid with random wrong answers.

Joined: 23 Jan 2019
Messages: 1

CantStop wrote:So, if we can't use the system as intended, let's work around it. What Are Your "Valid" High Scores for the Easy Category and how often do you get them.

I've only been playing a couple of weeks and my 2 best scores (for Easy) are in the low 4 minute range (4:08 and 4:20 I believe).

My goal is to get under 4 minutes.

Joined: 29 Mar 2019
Messages: 1
Location: WENZHOU

3:08 is best score. haha.

Joined: 10 Oct 2016
Messages: 1

26s easy
36s middle
41s hard
47s extreme

I hope to reach 25s this year. I Think I could reach (in a few years) 22 s at easy Category.
Kind regards from Croatia.
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