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Something weird happend to me today
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Joined: 8 Jan 2013
Messages: 1

Is it possible that the timer showed me today wrong time?
My current record was 2:48 (medium).
The last one sudoku I was solving pretty fast but I didn't expect anything lower than 2:30.
and then this screen come up

1:46 is it possible without cheating? Maybe there is some bug that stops timer?
The last 20-30 digits I was typing really fast (two fingers, almost without thinking) but 1:46?

(Forum Admin)

Joined: 12 Jul 2010
Messages: 264

I think that if there were any timer related bugs in the past, they are fixed by now. So, it is more likely that you did sove the puzzle this quickly. Also, if you look at the global top scores, you'll see that most of the top times for the medium are under 2 minutes, so, yes, it is possible.
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