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barbaricbarb wrote:I've completed the competition game today and it won't upload onto the server and is just ticking away on the clock instead. I'm using an andoid app on a HTC Legend. It is the recent version of the game.
I have triple checked the game and it looks correct.

Any Ideas?



I've had this problem as well, typically after two-three times of erasing and changing a square it will finally report a solution, but I typically have to exit the puzzle, resume it, then erase and re-write a square. Solution is obviously right because it eventually accepts it.
Simeonov wrote:Quire rare I go under 10 mins. Looking up in the History, the av.time is 17+-8mins.

I average around 7-8 mins on extreme, though a handful of puzzles might manage to get me close or above the 10 minute mark

My personal best is 3:25, I posted a 3:50 today and all of my "top scores" are under 5 minutes. I'm lucky if I post a sub-5 or sub-4 minute puzzle 1 in every 50, but it happens. Sometimes I can recognize a really tricky solution early on that makes solving the whole board easy. After doing a lot of sudoku puzzles in my day, I have a pretty good indication of where on the puzzle I'll be able to find the next solution so that greatly reduces the 'thinking time'.

This is playing on a touch-screen android phone, I know the game pauses so it's easy to cheat but I never have... I've already made it on the top score list a bunch of times, no reason I'd want to cheat to get back there for a day.
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