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I have noticed they sometimes change from day to day. I think there are different levels based on the tags I see in the competition button. Sometimes it says "extreme [x2]". Right now it says "easy [e6]". I think the better you get, the harder it puts you, but I have no way to verify that.

I wish though it would separate the difference between highlighting on or off. I can do a medium, with highlighting, in an average of 2 minutes. Without highlighting it takes me at least 4.
Simeonov wrote:Quire rare I go under 10 mins. Looking up in the History, the av.time is 17+-8mins.

I like to do the extreme category with all help disabled, all highlighting disabled, and no pencil marks. When I first started this it was terrible. Now, my best time is around 6 with average being about 12.

I wish they would turn off pencil marks as a setting, because it really is a different game.
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