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ok .. here goes.

Firstly this will only work on a rooted device.
You will need a file manager that will operate on root level files/folders.

It worked for me .. but no guarantees .. probably best to ensure free and premium apps (including data) are backed up first (Titanium is one way of doing that).
If things dont go as expected restore premium from backup (or if you skipped that precaution uninstalling and reinstall the premium version should do the trick, although you may get charged again (unusual!) ).

The android data directory for Sudoko FREE is: /data/data/com.icenta.sudoku.ui
The android data directory for Sudoko PREM is: /data/data/com.icenta.sudoku

Free Version Files


Premium Version Files



1. Copy the 2 DB files from the free DATABASES directory into the premium DATABASES directory.
2. Copy com.icenta.sudoku.ui_preferences.xml from the free shared_prefs directory into the premium shared_prefs directory.
3. Rename com.icenta.sudoku_preferences.xml to com.icenta.sudoku_preferences.xml.old
4. Rename com.icenta.sudoku.ui_preferences.xml as com.icenta.sudoku_preferences.xml
(Note: the result should contain sudoku_preferences NOT sudoku.preferences)

Start SUDOKO Premium ... you should see your old free version stats in the history etc.

For those who like to tidy up their files it might seem intuitive to delete the "21" versions of the database.
DO NOT do that .. the Premium version appears to tidy itself up by replicating database "20" into "21" and updating the preferences so that "21" is used thereafter.
If you really feel the need to tidy up the version 20 database files can be deleted after these updates .. but before deleting I would play at least one game to make sure the app actually updates the database and preferences .

Other thoughts .. This process probably doesn't cover roll forward of stats and settings for online stuff
I was not interested in this so did not pursue but I did note that there is another pair of databases, HTTP_AUTH, in my FREE databases directory that had not yet been created in my prem dir.
Some more experimenting with those might be the answer if you feel this is needed too.

Good Luck
Mike Porritt
Greetings Jeka ... I recently bought premium sudoko and managed to bring the free version stats across ... requires root access ... could post instructions if okay with genina.

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