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Fwiw, it took me 23 seconds, using auto pencil, just to add the number 1 to each of the empty squares in an easy puzzle. So yeah obviously they are cheating. Go ahead n try
Omg I swear I typed in paragraphs, even indented! not sure why they didn't show up, sorry about that. It's one of my biggest pet peeves
Hi, just started playing and now I'm addicted, thanks a lot!
Anyway, I've tried out the different apps and found yours to be the best imo, but (alwahit menu, hit undo, hit menu hit undo
s gotta be a but lol)...
... one feature some of those other, otherwise crappy, apps have that would be really awesome to see added is the ability to either set a save point during a puzzle or having undo right next to the eraser or somewhere please!
Y'know that point in the game where you're going to just have to bite the bullet and pick a number and follow it through until you find out: 1. you picked right and were able to finish (haha) 2. You picked wrong but at least now you know the right number 3. You picked the right number, filed in a few and now ya gotta do it again.
I'm usually doing a 2 or 3, at which point I have to make sure I remember which block I blindly chose a number and then, hit menu, hit undo, hit menu hit undo, all while trying to watch the board so I don't go too far back, plus I think there might be some kinda glitch with the auto pencil during that time, cuz more than once the puzzle becomes 'unsolvable' and I end up just starting all over.
Soooooo if I could create a save point right before I blindly pick that number that I could revert to, this game would be flawless! As long as you keep in mind #3 which would give me the ability to create a new save point if necessary. Thanks!
Oh and if this already exists somewhere and I just didn't see it, please let me know where it is and nm on the suggestion
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