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What is the x-axis on the chart? I have played more games than showing, if it is number of games. I'm sure it is something obvious, I am just overthinking it! LOL!
Yes, I can use all other menu items. Only all items under the "More" menu are unavailable to me. I can pull up more and the 4 items appear in a "drop-up" menu (LOL). As an avid player, I would NEVER use solve. I can access settings from the main menu (game selection, history, etc.) and I kinda know how already, so only the reset matters to me, but like I said, my workaround is fine.
You were correct about reset local scores having a confirm option. Oops! My bad! However, reorienting did nothing for the "more" menu. I am unable to use any of the more menu features. Not a deal breaker, but it was nice using the reset feature, but my workaround is to use # first entry and select eraser. Works good enough. Running trio mst8-21 with android 4.1. As previously stated, the more menu worked prior to last update. Info for your benefit. I have no intention of changing from your app over it!!! Thanks again. Keep up the good work.
That is correct, unless I hit that by mistake as well. I am away from my tablet at the moment, but I will confirm when I return to it. You guys are great in your responses. Thanks for a great game ( or version thereof). The best I have ever played, and as a Sudoku nut, I have tried many. You are doing great work!
Thanks for the tip on reorienting device. Although it worked in landscape previously, I will try it in portrait and see if it works. Regarding resetting high scores online, none of mine are ever high enough to make top scores and I am sure they are still there. That was my bad. However, I would have preferred to keep mine locally. Deleting them was simply a mistake on my part by brushing the reset accidentally. I am merely suggesting a confirmation option in case of accidental erasure. There are times I get "in a zone" and post some pretty decent times and like to compete against myself. It's just a thought, not an issue.
My free version updated recently and since then, none of the options under the 'More' menu work at all. In the past, I used the reset option regularly, especially with the option to retain pencil entries. I even uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.

Anyone else experiencing this? I'm running a trio 8 stealth g2

Also, similar to the confirm for hints, a confirm for resetting scores would be nice. I also was not aware that my online records were deleted as well. An option to clear just my local scores would be awesome!
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