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I posted a review on the Playstore that said
Contains some puzzles that cannot be solved by logic alone, sudoku should not need trial and error

and got response:
We assure you that every puzzle has a unique solution - one to be found with logic alone. There are NO unsolvable puzzles. If you come across a puzzle YOU deem unsolvable, feel free to post it to our forums ( and we will show you how it is solved.

so I played a few games (Extreme) until I came to this one:
Based on the "assurance" that every puzzle can be found by logic I concluded that when I got stuck it must be me at fault so went for the "hint" option.
That - for no reason that I can understand - decided that in the cells I have put the "pencil marks" in red, the 4s and 6s could be dispensed with - and that "therefore" the 4 was to be found at the very head of that column.

Can anyone explain this to me?

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