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I too am utterly dumbfounded by people posting fake times or ones they cheated on. There is no way to compare how well you are progressing in the game against people who post real times when the extreme top time for the day is 0:32. I wanted to believe people were actually getting the times they posted so I tried (for experimental purposes) to see how long it would take to solve by taking a screen shot, solving on paper, and transposing the digits. It took me 1:54 to cheat which still isn't fast enough to take the top time! This is sad because I can't even be the best when I cheat, lol! I wish there was a way to stop it!

When I first started playing I couldn't even finish the extreme puzzles most of the time and practice has definitely paid off! Learning to use digit first has more than halved my time!

My real times are:
Easy 2:20
Medium 3:44
Hard 4:21
Extreme 5:17

Good luck everyone!
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