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I just uploaded a score today and it was 35 seconds, on easy. I didn't use a cheating system nor did I pause the game. I didn't even know you could. Either way I think it is unfair that those people who are getting these kind of scores are all being accused of cheating. the reason I can even get close to this time is purely because I have played a lot of game of Suduko and therefore have practiced a lot as well. When I first started playing I was getting near these times at all. My point is just becuase you can't do something doesn't mean you should take away the achievement from others who can. Just let them enjoy the fact that they are actually good at something. And maybe congratulate them.
Yes I had guessed it was something along those lines, but mine goes up to 8 and I know for a fact I've played more than 8 games
Hey I saw that in the fastest times tabs it only shows those in the last 24 hours and I was wondering if there was a list of the all time fastest scores?
Hey, I recently uploaded my history to your online site and I was looking at the graphs in the history tab and I was wondering what the X axis value was? As the Y value is clear but the X axis isn't given one.
Forum Index » Profile for Stephen » Messages posted by Stephen
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