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This means the puzzle has errors in it, and as such is not solved. Since no helper functions are available it is up to you to find and correct errors.
Please write to and send us a screenshot of what you are seeing. Thanks.
Please see above in this thread for information on how to change your password.
Potentially in a future release.

The reasoning behind considering using auto-fill the same as using helper is that if auto-fill is used, it may reveal cells where only a singe option is available, thus giving away (potentially) parts of the solution "for free".

The counter argument is that finding these cells is merely an exercise in word-search, or in this case - digit search, and does not require application of logic, and as such does nothing more than eliminate "manual labor" from puzzle solving.

What do you think? Should it be considered equivalent to using helper or not?
This is not possible at this time, but will be implemented in a future release.
Have you switched to "Digit First" mode, perhaps inadvertently?
sohaibkhalid614 wrote:How to reset lost or forgotten password??

Click "Sign-in" followed by "Forgot password", then follow instructions.
Sudokyou2 wrote:My "My History" tab is dimmed out and won't open. Why is this?

Have you solved any puzzles yet? It will only be greyed out if there is nothing in it.
Click "Sign-in" followed by "Forgot password", then follow instructions.
The fix is out for about a month now. Have you updated yours? I hope it is understood that app fixes take time and effort and that estimated delivery time are just that - estimates.
Thank you. We'll look into it.
Thanks for letting us know. We will investigate. In the future, please address technical and support issues to
To reset your password, click Sign-in on this site, then "Forgot Password", then follow instructions.
Probably within a week or two.
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