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Save point or undo on main menu?
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Joined: 3 Apr 2014
Messages: 3

Hi, just started playing and now I'm addicted, thanks a lot!
Anyway, I've tried out the different apps and found yours to be the best imo, but (alwahit menu, hit undo, hit menu hit undo
s gotta be a but lol)...
... one feature some of those other, otherwise crappy, apps have that would be really awesome to see added is the ability to either set a save point during a puzzle or having undo right next to the eraser or somewhere please!
Y'know that point in the game where you're going to just have to bite the bullet and pick a number and follow it through until you find out: 1. you picked right and were able to finish (haha) 2. You picked wrong but at least now you know the right number 3. You picked the right number, filed in a few and now ya gotta do it again.
I'm usually doing a 2 or 3, at which point I have to make sure I remember which block I blindly chose a number and then, hit menu, hit undo, hit menu hit undo, all while trying to watch the board so I don't go too far back, plus I think there might be some kinda glitch with the auto pencil during that time, cuz more than once the puzzle becomes 'unsolvable' and I end up just starting all over.
Soooooo if I could create a save point right before I blindly pick that number that I could revert to, this game would be flawless! As long as you keep in mind #3 which would give me the ability to create a new save point if necessary. Thanks!
Oh and if this already exists somewhere and I just didn't see it, please let me know where it is and nm on the suggestion

Joined: 3 Apr 2014
Messages: 3

Omg I swear I typed in paragraphs, even indented! not sure why they didn't show up, sorry about that. It's one of my biggest pet peeves
(Forum Admin)

Joined: 12 Jul 2010
Messages: 268

Hello. The reason a "feature" of this sort is not included is that "blindly picking a number" to see if it works goes against the very nature of Sudoku. You know, the part about using logic and logic alone

We do, however, get a few requests of this sort, so I'll be recommending this "feature" to be included in one of the future releases. Don't count on it just yet, though.
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