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Joined: 7 Mar 2011
Messages: 1

What is the point of having a timer on the game if people are only going to cheat. I play the game because I like it and I would like to see where I stand against other players who also choose not to cheat.

Cheating says a lot about one's character and cheating on something as insignificant as a game indicates a big flaw in one's character. Of course my words will have no affect on those who choose to cheat - why would they since they have no conscious - I felt it needed to be said.

Joined: 8 May 2013
Messages: 1

I couldn't agree more Pmac. I don't play this to be as competitive as I can, I play it for fun. I did want to see how I stacked up against others though. I'm sorry, but the "top times" just for TODAY make it obvious that people are using cheat programs.

Well, I'm none to impressive, but if you want at least legitimate person to compare to Pmac:

My fastest times are:

Easy 2:08
Medium 5:14
Hard 8:46
Extreme 15:59

I'll update it as my fastest times get better.

Joined: 30 Oct 2013
Messages: 1

Yeah, I agree too, it's completely pointless cheating anyway. My current high scores are:
Easy 05:25
Medium 07:33
Hard 09:30
Extreme 10:09

Joined: 9 Nov 2013
Messages: 1

I am at 5:27 on easy and 8:14 on extreme. Trying to.break the 8:00 barrier om extreme. average om 9:20

Joined: 29 Apr 2013
Messages: 9

I think it would be a good idea to refuse paused games in the published lists of top times. Some days there is an awful lot of noise in the top. Presumably most of these are the result of cheating with a paused game. Since #50 in Extreme is usually around 3:30, I should not think you would annoy too many honest players. You could still let it register in each individual high score list as valid if you choose.
It's just a game - but still.

Joined: 19 Nov 2013
Messages: 1

I also agree. Here is lots of cheating. Paused games should not be able to be updated on the server. This would be great.

Joined: 25 Nov 2013
Messages: 1

Wow, I just watched that Youtube video of swelby27 and now I see the whole point of Digit First setting.

Trying it this way I have easily halved my own times and will get better too I am certain.

Striker 85

Joined: 25 Aug 2013
Messages: 1

I would not assume that the fastest times are a result of cheating. I have not been able to break 3 minutes in extreme, but I believe it is possible. My first extreme time was 45 minutes. Since then I have refined my strategy. Now I am down to almost 3 minutes. Definitely use the digit first mode.

Joined: 12 Nov 2013
Messages: 4

I just uploaded a score today and it was 35 seconds, on easy. I didn't use a cheating system nor did I pause the game. I didn't even know you could. Either way I think it is unfair that those people who are getting these kind of scores are all being accused of cheating. the reason I can even get close to this time is purely because I have played a lot of game of Suduko and therefore have practiced a lot as well. When I first started playing I was getting near these times at all. My point is just becuase you can't do something doesn't mean you should take away the achievement from others who can. Just let them enjoy the fact that they are actually good at something. And maybe congratulate them.

Joined: 4 Dec 2013
Messages: 1

My best times are:
Easy -> 01:16
Medium -> 02:09
Hard -> 04:17

Joined: 29 Apr 2013
Messages: 9

I have improved my game lately. My best time for Extreme is 1:50. I go below 2 mins every other day. I see those guys with a one-off beating me by 20 secs. I'm on to them and frankly I don't give a damn.

Joined: 15 Dec 2013
Messages: 3

I too am utterly dumbfounded by people posting fake times or ones they cheated on. There is no way to compare how well you are progressing in the game against people who post real times when the extreme top time for the day is 0:32. I wanted to believe people were actually getting the times they posted so I tried (for experimental purposes) to see how long it would take to solve by taking a screen shot, solving on paper, and transposing the digits. It took me 1:54 to cheat which still isn't fast enough to take the top time! This is sad because I can't even be the best when I cheat, lol! I wish there was a way to stop it!

When I first started playing I couldn't even finish the extreme puzzles most of the time and practice has definitely paid off! Learning to use digit first has more than halved my time!

My real times are:
Easy 2:20
Medium 3:44
Hard 4:21
Extreme 5:17

Good luck everyone!

Joined: 9 Jan 2014
Messages: 2

My top 10 times in each category:
Easy 1:29- 1:54
Medium 1:54- 2:14
Hard 3:33- 4:29
Extreme 8:47-12:23

Joined: 29 Apr 2013
Messages: 9

I just got a 1:43 in Extreme. I was lucky and I was quick. I could not have done it without "autopencil: erase", "highlight: both", digit first entry mode and buttons entry style. Even I think the top of the list in the Extreme competition is a laugh. I thought before that they were timer-exploiting, stupid me. Now I guess maybe they use Google Goggles? One of the signs that give them away is that in the weeks between competitions, these guys are abscent from the highscore list. That's when the rest of us use dozens of attempts trying to improve. I may be a prude, but I think THEY are cheaters, not me.

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Joined: 17 Jul 2011
Messages: 17

This is not the first time the subject of cheating has be brought up on this forum. Here's a few facts I'd like to point out:

1. It is possible to cheat on this game. It is still possible to cheat even if pausing were not allowed. (Please stop suggesting this.) I'm not going to post directions on how to cheat.

2. There are some really fast Sudoku players that play using the Genina app, and they post times to the boards here. A time of sub-30 is very possible to achieve if you have good Sudoku solving skill, great finger dexterity, and a phone/tablet/device with a good touch interface. My best times in Easy are just over 40 seconds, and I'm a bumbling oaf (who happens to spend a lot of time playing this game).

3. There are enough people playing and submitting scores on a daily basis to ensure that the top 100 times are all excellent times.

4. I checked the top-100 times for all difficulties this morning, and there are no times posted that would require cheating. (Note: I did not say that none of the times posted were the result of cheating, rather that the times are all in line with what can be achieved without cheating.)

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Personal best times:
Easy 0:34
Medium 0:54
Hard 1:15
Extreme 1:19
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