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I think its impossible. I played sudoku for years and reach the point where i cant do any better than now.

Still my best is 2:06.

1.30 might br possible? I think? But faster than that, i think he probably cheats.
cyberwhip wrote:I know I'll take some heat for this comment, but I'll say it anyways.... For extreme, anything under 2 minutes is most likely a cheat, anything near 1 minute is clearly cheating. I did a quick test, took a screenshot of an extreme, solved it offline, went back to resume the puzzle and all I did was type in the numbers (copy from the offline). That took about 1 minute. That was no thinking, no looking around. I uploaded the score and I wasn't even in the top 20. There are 81 squares, maybe 10 or 15 filled in for extreme, so 66 numbers at average 1 second each is over 1 minute.

You might be able to do an easy in 1 minute without cheating, mainly because there are less blanks to fill in.

i agree. My best for extreme is 2:06. I probably got the easiest extreme level puzzle that day. You know the ones you dont even have to use the pencil, and constantly filling the blank squares.
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