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jeffdill2 wrote:If a time is down into the 10 - 25 second range, then yeah, I would certainly call foul on that because it would take that long to input the answers if you were staring at the answer sheet and simply inputting the numbers as quickly as possible.

But having done an Easy in 54 seconds, it's certainly not unfathomable for me to imagine someone going low 40s.

Solving the puzzle from a screenshot and then copying the answers to the app would take longer for me than playing normally. I recorded some attempts on easy last year for a now-deleted topic on these forums. The whole clip is just one recording, all consecutive attempts. The small circles appearing are from the recording app showing where I'm pressing on the touch screen. Now over a year later I still haven't managed to break the 00:25 barrier or to repeat it despite solving A LOT of easy puzzles, though I've improved the others with my 10th best time being 00:27.

Have a bonus clip for 1:16 extreme solve as well, recorded the same day as the clip above.

A good 5-6 years ago my top10 times for easy were all in the 40-60 second range, and over a minute before that. It's just a matter of repetition. Slowly getting faster and faster until you reach a point where your fingers just won't move fast enough. Personally, the 25-second attempt might be the fastest I can go, but that doesn't mean someone else couldn't go even faster.
lampshade wrote:
hippa wrote:I use my left thumb to select the squares and my right thumb to select the numbers and pencil mode on/off.

That is a great approach. I feel like I waste a lot of time moving my finger down to change numbers and turn pencil mode on and off, then tank a good run when missing a button because I'm moving too fast to stay accurate. That said, you have a much different style than I do, and maybe the two handed approach wouldn't help me all that much.

My top hard and expert times are a mix between a careful study and place -- slower, and more cycling between numbers -- and a rapid, blind filling of pencil marks, followed by a fast paced picking off of easy targets. In my careful studies, I don't touch pencil marks until I get stuck, and if that happens, my time isn't going to be a top 100, so I slow down and enjoy a stress-free puzzle solve. Far more of my top daily 100 times are from using the heck out of pencil marks. Those times will always be among the slowest of the top times posted.

When it comes down to it, I'm not a great sudoku player, but I'm good enough to brute force myself into the top daily 100 often enough. With that, I was still able to get a 0:34 easy and 1:39 expert. Watching your expert video makes me realize how much faster I could be if I were better!

Thanks for posting those videos. I should try to get some of my own up on YouTube.

Go with whatever feels the most comfortable. My style of using my thumbs is something I've developed over about 3 years of using the app, I doubt copying it would happen overnight (or if you can do that you don't need my style). Holding my phone vertically the numbers are just too far for me to feel fast - I'm already messing up a lot of runs by having my fingers work faster than my brain as it is. When it comes to pencil marks, I'm mainly using them as reminders of a few key numbers/spots or for when I get really stuck, and if that happens a personal top10 is out of the question already, similar to what you mentioned.

I'm not great at sudoku either if you compare me to anyone who's actually good at it. I just play a lot, and have done so for a good 7-8 years by now. You're bound to get lucky a few times in that timeframe if you play like I do.
ElricE wrote:
jeka wrote:@ElricE: you really should read through the forum you are posting to before posting. Every single point you raise had been addressed in this forum before, including someone posting a YouTube video of them solving a puzzle in about 30 seconds.

An easy puzzle not one at the extreme level... having read through the posts on the subject:
A) many have questioned such results and requested a separate scoring record for those not pausing
B) admins response to said request has been consistently blithe and dismissive
C) noone has been able to offer a scrap of proof that they can in fact complete the extreme puzzles in such fantastical times (particularly once times drop below even the two minute mark)... that's been requested fit quite some time also and neatly sidestepped and ignored.

Maybe if admin/devs have the appearance if giving two-****s the debate might get some sort of closure instead of continuing for years without any resolution

No idea if you still roam the forums occasionally ElricE, but in case you do or anyone else who stumbles here has any doubts, here's the proof. Unfortunately my only device capable of recording a video (my phone) is the one I'm using the play the game, so you'll have to make do with just a screen recording. I did add from the recorder's settings to record my touches as well, which are the little ripple effects you can see.

If I had paused the game by exiting to menu/home screen at any point and looked up a solution, I would've restarted from the top-left corner (feel free to test yourself) when I returned - just like whenever you start a new game. There was only one time I entered that corner after starting on the extreme solve, around 0:48 mark when I entered a "1", and I'm sure you'll agree that by then it would've been fairly useless for me to pause and go look up a solution.

Just as a cherry on top, while I still had the screen-recording software set up, I recorded myself a few clips of the other difficulties. All easy mode attempts are consecutive, no pausing in between or stitching separate clips together. There's also a clip of a medium and hard solution. The medium one was a bit slow compared to the top times, but I just couldn't be arsed to go for better attempts anymore. It's around 2am for me as I'm posting this and I really just can't stare at my phone without getting a headache.

Spamming easy, 0:31 best one:
1:06 medium:
1:09 hard:
1:16 extreme:

I use my left thumb to select the squares and my right thumb to select the numbers and pencil mode on/off. You can see the top times for each category by pausing the clips at the results screen. I can't do times like those every single time I play, except for maybe the easy difficulty, but I do get them pretty consistently. Breaking 30 seconds on easy is especially difficult, you really can't hesitate for a moment, just have to "go, go, go" or you've lost your chance.

Are there people who cheat top times? Sure. All I'm trying to prove here is that it's most definitely possible to get <1min extreme or <30sec easy solves without cheating.
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