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My top time is 1:43 and my tenth is 2:02. Generally, I stay around 3 minutes. Never cheated. Actually, I only learned it was possible to cheat on the comments here. How is it even possible to pause the game? And why is that fun?
I've NEVER cheated on this game and I'm no genius, but I play it on my phone all the time. 90% of the time I don't even remember to upload my score, but my best is around 1'50" and my tenth best is 2'04". If that's so hard, does that mean I'm actually good??
Hello, I was trying to check my scores online when I came across this forum and I was kind of shocked.
I've never cheated in my life on this game, I have no idea how to.
I only play on extreme mode and my scores are usually somewhere around 3 minutes, my top score being 2 minutes and 30 seconds and my 10th top score is 2'57". I never even thought it was that good, though I'm usually in the 100% best scores.
Do you really think it's that impossible and that people who get those scores are probably cheating?
Should I be proud or that's a normal thing like I always thought?
Can someone help me understand all this discussion?
Forum Index » Profile for taticapelli » Messages posted by taticapelli
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