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jeka wrote:Premium doesn't know about the games you played in Free version (something we are working to address, together with keeping the settings between the two versions). Also, the puzzles should not repeat, although that cannot be guaranteed.

Does it pull from a pool of known puzzles, or randomly generate them? If it can randomly generate them, generating identical puzzles should practically never happen, as long as you choose a random seed intelligently. If it's a pool, how many Extreme puzzles are in it?
My best is 1:42. Typically around 3 minutes. If you think something like that is impossible, you need to change your control settings to be more efficient, without qualifying as using a helper.
Has anyone else noticed that the puzzles repeat themselves? I've completed around 2300 Extreme (if I'm reading my stats right) matches between the Free and Premium versions (avg around 200 seconds each, best 1:42), and have recently started noticing that I'm playing puzzles I've done before (maybe 500 or 2000 puzzles total...I don't really know). This makes the game too easy, and more about memory ("what worked last time") than solving the puzzle in the best way. I've noticed this much more after buying the Premium version fairly recently; I don't know if that's related (maybe Free keeps from repeating itself, and Premium doesn't know about Free's games?).

It would be nice if the puzzles were infinite, or at least practically so.
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