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Please share your device versions / app versions with us. Also, feel free to send me a private message with any additional details, like do you get past the splash screen? If so, how far along in the game are you?

Thank you.
Under Settings there is an option for "Auto Pencil". If you don't see it, you may not be running the latest version of the app.
The top scores are posted. See them here:
The ability to reset scores will be included into the next release (right now we are thinking of having a "Reset" option under Settings)
You have two accounts in the system. I've replied to you with a private message.
Trying to figure out where the option to reset scores should go. If we do, it'll go into one the future releases.
Added to the developer's TODO list.

I think that if there were any timer related bugs in the past, they are fixed by now. So, it is more likely that you did sove the puzzle this quickly. Also, if you look at the global top scores, you'll see that most of the top times for the medium are under 2 minutes, so, yes, it is possible.
These are your high scores. Why would you want to reset them?
This is the opposite of "Auto Pencil Erase".

For example let's say you are clearing a square that had an 8 in it. So, now all the cells in all the blocks this cell belongs to could have an 8 unless, of course, there are other 8's making that impossible. So, these other cells where an 8 is possible will now get a pencil mark of 8.
There is a timer there already. What OS / device are you on? Do you have it turned on in "Settings"?
We may do a Windows (Mobile) based release, but the plans haven't been finalized yet.
Thank you for your suggestion. We'll consider it for inclusion into a future release.
We are going to do a release soon, but what you are asking for is not in it. I'll add this to our "To do" list for future consideration.
Games are now saved per level, meaning you can start an easy puzzle, go back and start a medium one without loosing your progress on the easy one. When you come back to "Easy" you'll be asked if you'd like to work on your saved puzzle or start a new one.
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