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My best time on easy was about 6 months ago. 53 seconds. On the tablet, not the phone. The bigger screen makes a difference. I saw a YouTube video of a girl who solved in about 30 seconds. She used both hands to enter answers. I can't do that, but I believe it's possible. My average is probably about 2 minutes, maybe a little more. When I'm in the zone, I get times around 70 seconds. That's a lot better than I used to be.
I've been trying to make this conform to swordfish somehow, and I realize that I don't fully understand swordfish -but I want to. I just don't see it. Which are the nine squares, and which digit gets eliminated?
It did help, thanks very much!
I think the main thing I learned here is to double check my digit-elimination work. O.o
Does that photo show up?
I'm stuck on this one, which means I have a new trick or strategy to learn!
Can anyone help?

I'm not an expert, but I think I can help. In the center square, the 5,6,9 must be a 9. Here's how I know. Starting in the box to its left (5,6), follow the other boxes with 5,6. Going clockwise, there's one straight above it, then two to the right, then four down, then one to the left, then the (5,6,9). They go in pairs, right? With the last one in the chain linking back to the beginning in a loop. They can't all be 5,6 or else there would be two possible solutions to the puzzle. So that one must be 9.
I don't think this is a standard strategy, I just made it up. But I think it works.
I also used to be convinced there was rampant cheating. I have changed my mind. Over time my scores have improved so dramatically that I now believe the top times are not only possible but probable. My top ten times for easy are now around 1:15. I also notice that there are many, many people who score top times. I can't imagine it being very fun to go to the trouble of cheating and posting those times month after month, so many times a day, for so many people.
As for me,I get a lot of joy out of competing against my own top times, and slowly getting better and better. I suggest everyone do the same.
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