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Need help and tips from Pro Sudoku Players
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Joined: 24 Mar 2014
Messages: 1

After reading the tips on the other easy sudoku times thread, I switched to digit first for the past 4 months. I've continued to improve my logic, my speed and my phone (now using a nexus 5). I watched shelby27?'s youtube video that did 32s and boasted a top time of 25s all time.

All times based on EASY Sudoku.
I went from a best time of 1:30, with typical times of 2-5mins, to now a best time of 50s, with typical times of 1-3mins. My top ten is 50-54s. I know that with my current methods I will eventually hit 45s on some lucky setups. But I want to reach that next level - please advise on how you top guys reach 30-45s consistently. I'm sure I'm missing some tactics here. Please post any tips on your experiences on how you got your time down to those levels!

Thanks for any help!

Please no replies about cheating. If you want proof that these speeds are possible, just drop by Vancouver, BC and I'll finish a 1min time on your own phone.

Joined: 17 Jul 2011
Messages: 17

I'm in the same boat as you for current speeds, so I don't have any advice to give for getting faster. I will point out one thing, though: you can't guarantee that you can get a great time on any given device. I have installed this app on several devices, and can attest to the fact that some android devices are just dog slow. There are some that can take more than a second to register a touch in a cell and respond by displaying a number. My Kindle Fire (first gen), for example, is so slow that I've never been able to get an easy puzzle solved in under a minute. As a comparison, I can generally crank out a sub-minute time for about one of every five easy puzzles on my Nexus 4. I don't blame this on the app. It's just a slow piece of hardware!

Personal best times:
Easy 0:34
Medium 0:54
Hard 1:15
Extreme 1:19
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